Business Application

P2 Business Application

Application screening begins December 9

Use this form to outline your proposed pollution prevention (P2) intern project. The Pollution Prevention Institute can provide application assistance if needed. For assistance, please email the Intern Coordinator or call 785.532.3378 (direct) or  800.578.8898 (hotline).

Your company's responsibilities toward this program include the following:

  1. Reviewing and signing the attached Terms and Conditions
  2. Providing computer and work area for the intern to perform his or her job duties
  3. Naming a company representative to serve as an on-site supervisor
  4. Providing safety equipment and training as appropriate for the intern
  5. Pay invoices billed by PPI for student hours plus fringe

Note: Students will be required to provide their own health insurance for program participation.

These tutorials address the application sections:

Company Information
Project Description, pt. 1
Project Description, pt. 2
Project Description, pt. 3
Project Description, pt. 4
Administrative Details
Terms and Conditions

Company Information
Project Description

1. Describe the pollution prevention needs or projects you would like to have a P2 intern research at your company. List at least three project objectives. (Contact 800.578.8898 if you have questions.)

Evaluation criteria:

  • Relates to continuous improvement efforts to address environmental opportunities
  • Relates to energy efficiency, P2, and source reduction
  • Well-developed and measurable objectives

2. Clearly describe the desired results of the project and list expected project outcomes. If this is a subproject of a larger project, please discuss its relationship to the larger project.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Potential economic benefit
  • Risk reduction potential
  • Pollution/waste reduction potential

3. Please describe the intern's expected role, responsibilities, and activities.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Multidepartmental impacts
  • Well-defined role and responsibilities

4. The company supervisor's role is critical to the success of the project. Please provide the name and contact information of the individual within the company that will be assigned to supervise the intern. Describe his or her role and responsibilities as they relate to the project.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Designated environmental staff
  • Previous company experience with interns
  • Well-defined supervisor's role and responsibilities
  • Continuous supervision available
Contingency Plans

Describe alternative strategies or supplemental projects for the intern to pursue if the main projects are completed before the internship ends or are delayed by unforeseen events. This is an opportunity to describe projects that may not be as high-priority but you would still be interested in having the intern work on.

The same guidelines outlined in the tutorial "Project Description, Pt. 1" apply to the Contingency Plan.

Evaluation criteria:

  • List of secondary projects planned
  • Description of project relationship to pollution prevention and/or energy efficiency
  • Well-developed project activities, with specific and measurable objectives
Administrative Details

Please indicate the preferred major(s) for the intern.

Can you assist the P2 intern in locating short-term housing opportunities?

As a host company, you will provide payment to PPI for the intern in the amount of $17/hour plus non-enrolled student employee fringe, or as agreed on with PPI. Some host companies may choose to hire and pay the intern directly.
Do you agree to this financial obligation?

Upon successful completion of the project, short case studies will be developed for your company's project and posted to the PPI Web site. Confidential information is not disclosed; however, case study development is mandatory to our project.
Through which of the following means would your company be willing to share project outcomes with other Kansas businesses?
(Check all that apply.)

Terms and Conditions
K-State Pollution Prevention Institute (PPI)

Upon the host company’s acceptance of an intern and the intern’s acceptance of the position offered, the host company accepts the following terms and conditions of the program.

  1. SCOPE OF ACTIVITY. The host company agrees to use its best efforts to implement the project defined in the application submitted for this program. A PPI technical specialist will be available to work with the host company and the student intern to promote project success. The student intern shall engage in the internship activity at the host company and PPI as defined by the host company’s application and other tasks as identified by the host company and/or the PPI coordinator during the period of the internship. Any changes in the project focus will require written acknowledgement by both PPI and the host company.
  2. DURATION. Project objectives of the internship will be completed between May and August of the program year. Any changes to the duration of the internship project will require written acknowledgement of both PPI and the host company.
  3. REPORTING. PPI and the host company will provide the other with reasonable technical reports and access to technical personnel associated with the conduct of the P2 project as may be reasonably requested from time to time.
  4. STUDENT PROGRESS REPORTS. The student intern will submit weekly progress reports to the PPI coordinator, also submitting a copy to the host company’s supervisor. A final report by the student intern will be rendered upon completion of the internship period. During the term of the internship, the PPI coordinator will consult and/or meet with the student intern and/or the host company’s supervisor to monitor progress and results, as well as on going plans of the internship.
  5. STUDENT FINAL PRESENTATION. The student will make a final presentation to representatives of the PPI at the conclusion of the internship period. The presentation will describe progress and project results in relation to the student’s internship activity and scope of work as defined by the host company’s application and other tasks assigned by the host company or PPI. Representatives for the host company are invited and encouraged to attend.
    The presentation day and time shall be arranged with the PPI coordinator and shall take place no later than September, in order for PPI to meet its reporting obligations to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.
    The student intern shall prepare and submit a draft project report in late July and a final report by early August, based on program specific dates that will be clearly designated each program year. Modification of report deadline date shall be at the discretion of and with the approval of the PPI coordinator.
  6. STUDENT INTERN SUBSISTENCE. The student intern’s subsistence needs (lodging, meals, local travel, and other incidental living expenses) are the responsibility of the student intern.
  7. STUDENT INTERN WORK SCHEDULE. The student intern shall submit time-sheets to the host company’s coordinator as required and follow  hours as prescribed by the host company. The student intern will notify the supervisor at the host company in advance of any necessary deviation from the schedule.
  8. STUDENT INTERN CONDUCT. The student intern shall abide by all the rules of conduct for the host company and the University. The host company may define appropriate dress for the student intern.
    If through any cause the student intern shall fail to maintain a good standing with the host company, the student intern may be removed from the Internship Program after the host company and/or the University has documented evidence to the student that he/she is not performing to an adequate level of competency for a trainee and/or the professional conduct of the individual is short of the reasonable and understood standards of the host company and/or the University. Wherever possible, the student intern will be given the opportunity correct his/her deficiency(ies)  prior to removal from the Internship Program.
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