Environmental Sustainability for the Salina Community

Environmental Sustainability for the Salina Community

Salina, Kansas

The U.S. EPA provides technical assistance and grant funds through the Community Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) program. This program helps communities organize and take action to reduce risks due to toxic pollutants and environmental health concerns in the local environment. A two-year, Level I grant was awarded for Salina to better understand, identify, and prioritize their environmental health issues. The Salina CARE Program fact sheet [PDF] provides details about this process and the Salina partners supporting the project.  Results of public ranking of issues and background information on identified issues are available below.

A subsequent two-year, Level II grant was awarded to the City of Salina to implement projects that address some of the priority environmental health concerns including radon, lead, and other Healthy Homes issues; stormwater quality; water conservation; organic gardening and food preservation; and proper disposal of household hazardous waste and unused pharmaceuticals.  The ultimate goal of CARE projects is to establish a long-term structure of volunteers and practices that promote sustainability in the community.


Results of Public Ranking of Environmental Health Issues in Salina

The environmental health issues that were ranked are summarized in the abstracts below. Full issue papers are also found below. Ranking results will be used to prioritize funding for solutions that address these issues.

Summary of Results

Environmental Health Concern or Issue



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