Storage Tanks

In Kansas, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment – Bureau of Remediation is responsible for enforcement of state and federal storage tank regulations through provisions of the Kansas Storage Tank Act. Two primary types of storage tanks are regulated — underground storage tanks, or USTs, and aboveground storage tanks, or ASTs. The definition for each type of tank, along with compliance assistance resources, are detailed below.

Underground storage tanks

A UST, as defined in the Kansas Storage Tank Act, is any regulated tank that contains petroleum or other regulated substances, in which 10 percent or more of the volume is below the surface of the ground. To learn more about USTs and related requirements, click here

Special resources for gasoline and convenience store owners and operators

The Small Business Environmental Assistance Program, or SBEAP, can provide free on-site assistance to convenience store operators who need help understanding environmental compliance requirements. Contact SBEAP at 800-578-8898.

Tank gauging done right – a short video that demonstrates how to “stick” or gauge your tank manually. These measurements should be done daily. 


UST inventory control compliance assistance materials 

UST Inventory Control Outreach Material

Packet includes detailed guidance, and sample daily and monthly inventory records. Instructions in multiple languages are also included. 

UST Daily Inventory

Spreadsheet to help with required daily UST inventory recordkeeping

UST Monthly Inventory

Spreadsheet to help with required monthly inventory recordkeeping.

Aboveground storage tanks

ASTs are defined as tanks having more than 90 percent of the tank volume, including piping, located above ground or above the floor of an underground area such as a basement. To read an overview of the program, click here.

The Kansas SBEAP has developed a guidance document that provides an overview of AST program highlights and registration requirements.

Clean-up and trust funds

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment provides oversight in remediation-related activities, including site investigations and property redevelopment trust funds through the UST Property Redevelopment Trust Fund and the Kansas Petroleum Storage Tank Release Trust Fund. EPA provides funding through the Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust, or LUST, Fund to reduce or mitigate spills and releases from storage tanks. Owners and operators of underground storage tanks, or USTs, and aboveground storage tanks, or ASTs, must ensure compliance at all times to protect against releases and spills.


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