Kansas Air Quality Permits - what you need to know

The United States has been blessed with many natural resources. These resources, such as our clean air and water, need our protection to prevent them from degradation. In Kansas, these natural resources are protected, in part, by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), whose mission statement is “To Protect and Improve the Health and Environment of All Kansans.”

Air operating permits and inspections are critical components of the Clean Air Act. If your facility has an air operating permit, it could be subject to inspections by federal and state employees. In the state of Kansas, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment Bureau of Air has regulatory authority over the air program, and inspections are conducted by either KDHE personnel or contractors. The purpose of these videos is to give you an introduction to the KDHE air inspection program and what you can do to best prepare for an inspection.

Air Permit Overview

Air Permit KDHE Site Inspection

Air Permit Tips

Top Ten KDHE Air Permit Violations


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