Air Quality Tools

Potential to emit calculation spreadsheets - These tools (in Microsoft Excel format) are designed to assist your facility in estimating its potential to emit (PTE) from various operations including:

  • Painting and coating
  • Welding - new
  • Abrasive blasting - new
  • Plasma/laser cutting - new
  • Boilers and furnaces
  • Engines
  • Air curtain incinerators - new
  • Grain elevators - new

Rolling 12-Month Calculator for General Sources - new If your permit contains limitations on hours of operation, material usage/production, fuel usage, or other numerical limits and must maintain a record of the 12-month consecutive total or consecutive average of actual operational parameters, you may find this tool useful. This page also includes a brief tutorial for the tool.

Class II permit-by-rule - If your facility operates under a Class II permit-by-rule, these recordkeeping/reporting tools (in Microsoft Excel format) may be useful for you to use. This page also includes brief tutorials for each tool.

Compliance with K.A.R. 28-19-73 -Sources in Johnson and Wyandotte counties have certain requirements related to VOC recordkeeping.

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