Liquid Fuel Storage and Handling

New aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) installed for businesses need the State Fire Marshal's Office approval if the aboveground tank is 660 gallons or greater. Also, approval must be obtained from the State Fire Marshal's Office when modifying an aboveground storage tank (call 785-296-3401). Aboveground petroleum tanks used at a business must be registered with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) if they are greater than 660 gallons. Underground petroleum storage tanks greater than 110 gallons must be registered with KDHE if these tanks are located at businesses. Underground and aboveground storage tanks at farms or used to store motor fuel for personal use must be registered with KDHE if capacities of these tanks are greater than 1,100 gallons. For KDHE tank-permitting information, call 785-296-1599. For guidance on AST requirements, refer to the following website:
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