Storm Water and Erosion Management

Building roofs, like pavement, shed water. Consider installing a rain garden to receive this water. A Web site with plans, instructions, resources, and information for constructing rain gardens is found at Rain gardens are designed to absorb storm water runoff from impervious surfaces such as roofs and parking lots. If a rain garden design is not feasible, then try to direct downspouts from roof gutters onto designed grassy areas. The design should assure minimal standing water and encourage water to soak into the ground. Aim downspouts away from foundations and paved surfaces. For roofs without gutters, plant grass, spread mulch, or use gravel under the drip line to prevent soil erosion and increase the ground's capacity to absorb water. Consider using cisterns or rain barrels to catch rainwater for watering lawns and gardens in dry weather. Check the Center for Watershed Protection website for additional resources for managing storm water runoff.
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