Pollution Prevention (P2) Intern Program

Does your business want to explore P2 opportunities but lack time or human capital? A P2 Intern can give your facility an environmental jumpstart. Watch this 10 minute video for an overview of the program. 

P2 Intern Program Overview


If you're interested, use the Quick Links to learn more and submit your application.

Business application screening begins the December prior to the internship summer. Student application screening begins at the end of January.

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Contact the Intern coordinator:  Email or Hotline (800.578.8898)

This nonregulatory, summer program is designed to link engineering and environmental sciences students with business and industry. P2 is about eliminating waste and pollutants at the source. The interns' research projects lead to higher operating efficiency, decreased regulatory compliance burdens, and smaller environmental footprints for their host companies.

Student interns work with technical advisors from PPI and their on-site supervisors for ten weeks, gaining hands-on experience in industry while applying pollution prevention strategies to solve environmental management challenges and to add value to company operations.

Businesses gain well-developed, specific options that benefit the company bottom line and the Kansas environment through projects that target:

  • energy and water use
  • toxic chemicals
  • air emissions
  • hazardous and solid wastes
  • employee risks


K-State Pollution Prevention Institute
(800) 578-8898 | sbeap@ksu.edu
2323 Anderson Ave., Suite 300, Manhattan, KS 66506