2013 Webinar series for printing industry in Kansas

Webinar description: The first Webinar, moderated by the Printing Industries of America, featured a regional supplier roundtable, made up of several well-known supply companies, addressing current trends and things on the horizon. The last three Webinars provided an in-depth, targeted look at sustainable practices for printing operations with guest speakers from the Flexographic Technical Association, Printing and Imaging Association of MidAmerica, and Specialty Graphic Imaging Association, and featured case study presentations from other printers in the industry. Questions answered during the webinar series included:

  • How can I make my practices more sustainable and reduce VOC emissions?
  • What choices do I have for material substitution and process control modification?
  • How can I integrate sustainable work practices while gaining worker acceptance?
  • What is being done industry-wide?
  • What is in it for me? Can I actually save money in the long run?
  • How can I learn more about free, confidential site visits offered by SBEAP?
Archived webinars:


Questions? SBEAP can provide confidential, free technical assistance onsite or through its toll-free hotline. Simply contact Jean or David at 800-578-8898 or sbeap@ksu.edu.