Webinar: Employee engagement and behavior change

This event is at 12:00 PM.

Webinar description: This 1-hour webinar is intended for those who have a hand in training employees on environmental, health, and safety (EHS), or similar topics. Specifically, you will gain a better understanding of how training methods can be improved to engage employees and encourage them to adopt what they have learned (behavior change). Speakers will approach this topic from both an academic and on-the-ground perspective. 

Archived presentation:

  • Employee Engagement and Behavior Change [PDF]  — Rick Yoder (University of Nebraska Omaha College of Business Administration; Director, Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center)
  • Union Pacific and the Environment [PDF] — Olivia Whittaker (Union Pacific Environmental Management Group)

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This webinar was held as part of the Southeast Kansas Safety and Environmental Network (SEK-SEN) meeting and is paid for in part by a USDA Solid Waste Management grant.