Webinar: A Better Place for Pharmacy Waste

Webinar description: Most Kansans know that flushing medications can cause contamination to Kansas aquatic environments, but what should residents do with their excess or expired prescription and over-the-counter medications? Join this Webinar to learn about the different collection and disposal options and what some of the obstacles are to finding a better place for pharmacy waste.

Date: Wed, Dec. 8, 2010


  • Nancy Larson, K-State Pollution Prevention Institute (facilitator/speaker)
  • Scott Collier, Regional DEA
  • Sheriff Glen Kochanowski, Saline Co.
  • Carl Hayes, Cherokee Co. and regional WRAPS Program 
  • Caroline Hosford, Sedgwick Co. HHW Program


Archived Webinar:


If you have any questions or comments, contact the K-State Pollution Prevention Institute at 800.578.8898 or by email.