Webinar: Advancements in alternative plastics

Plastics have revolutionized our world, shaped our society, and are used in various industrial applications. Plastic materials are often built with a short shelf life in mind and this mindset has led to an increase in plastic pollution. Combined with a long degradation life cycle, plastic pollution in landfills has increased as well. Whether our plastic waste ends up in landfills or doesn't quite make it to waste management, it can have negative ramifications on wildlife, the environment, and humans. Fortunately, alternative plastics such as biopolymers and synthetic polymers/monomers are being researched and are continuously making advancements. Discussion will include sustainability, waste management, composting and biodegradability of alternative plastics as opposed to oil-based plastics.

Speaker 1 -  Brenda Platt (Possibly) Co-Director, Institute for Local Self-Reliance
Director, Composting Makes $en$e Project

Speaker 2  - Dr. Ramani Narayan from Michigan State University, Department of Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences

Speaker 3 - Tony Kingsbury from TKingsbury Consulting

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