2008 Air Quality Workshop Luncheons

During summer 2008, the K-State Pollution Prevention Institute hosted four air-quality focused workshop luncheons on-line and in Olathe, Kansas. To view the archived version of these presentations, just click on the title and follow the log-in instructions below. If you would prefer to view only the slides of the presentation (without audio), a pdf version is also available. Please direct any comments or questions to Ryan Hamel at 1-800-578-8898.

Energy Efficiency for Businesses (Sep. 10) – David Carter (PPI) and Gary Hogsett (Tetra Tech)
David Carter’s Presentation slides (in pdf format) – About PPI and Energy Efficiency resources

Idling Reduction (Aug. 13) - Jennifer Logan and Mike Boothe, Johnson Co. Environmental Dept.
Presentation slides (in pdf format) 

Lawn Care for Clean Air (Jul. 9) - Kathleen Waters, KDHE
Presentation slides (in pdf format)

What Businesses Need to Know (Jun. 11) – James Joerke, MARC
Presentation slides (in pdf format)