Green Infrastructure for Small, Rural Communities

Webinar description: This webinar highlighted two small Midwestern communities who have begun implementing green infrastructure (low impact development) projects.  The speakers addressed the following topics: 

  • Why should a small, rural community implement green infrastructure practices? 
  • How were project(s) funded/implemented? 
  • Were there cost savings or other benefits? 
  • Were local ordinances a consideration before or after your project? 
  • What lessons were learned?  What advice do you have for other communities?


  • David Shelton; University of Nebraska, Professor in Bio. Systems Engineering and Extension Ag. Engineer (Wayne, NE)
  • Matt Durand; Stormwater Manager (Owatonna, MN)


Archived webinar:

Webinar: Green Infrastructure for Small, Rural Communities from PPI/SBEAP on Vimeo.