A Better Place for Pharmacy Waste

Residential Pharmacy Waste Management Outreach Program

Drain disposal of medication is no longer recommended due to its negative impact on aquatic life — a problem well documented by research experts from the USGS. This environmental outreach program, hosted by the K-State Pollution Prevention Institute, has two primary goals: first, to promote safer homes through elimination of stockpiled medication; and second, to educate citizens not to drain dispose their medications but to use an environmentally preferred method of disposal.

This program uses summer interns to disseminate informational material outlining two environmentally preferred methods of disposal to retail pharmacies, medical clinics, and public venues. The first suggested method instructs citizens to use a local collection facility such as their household hazardous waste facility or local sheriff’s office. If one is not available, citizens are encouraged to use the KDHE “kitty litter or coffee grounds method.”

Piloted in Sedgwick County, Kansas, during summer 2008, the program achieved high implementation there and was expanded to five more Kansas counties in summer 2009.

This program is funded by the Kansas Health Foundation.

Radio spot at Gen X 99.7 in Kansas City on July 20, 2010 (mp3)

Pharmaceutical waste presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint file)

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Poster Link for Douglas County Kan. -
http://www.ci.lawrence.ks.us/recycling/pdf/DG CO med poster.pdf

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