Air Quality

In Kansas the Kansas Department of Health and Environment – Bureau of Air (BOA) is the enforcement and permitting authority for state and most federal regulations regarding air pollution control through the provisions of the Kansas Air Quality Control Act and Kansas Air Quality Regulations. Numerous types of sources, including stationary and portable, are regulated by Kansas Air Quality Regulations.

Air Quality Regulatory Compliance Assistance

The Pollution Prevention Institute, through the SBEAP, provides free and confidential compliance assistance for Kansas small businesses that may need help understanding or identifying how  regulations apply to their facilities. This service is administered through our hotline, email communication, on-site visits and various other tools posted below, as well as training events. In addition to assisting small businesses with air quality permitting and compliance, SBEAP also assists with hazardous waste, storage tank regulations, and waste or stormwater permits. Check “Need Help” to request assistance.

Air Quality Quick Essentials

Air Quality Training Resources

Air permits, inspections and emission reporting are critical components of the U.S. EPA Clean Air Act and Kansas Air Quality Regulations. If your facility has air pollution-emitting activities, it is essential to understand these regulations and your obligations. This website provides introductory training on air quality, emissions inventory, permits and inspections.

Air Quality Regulations and Resources

This page offers links to state and federal air quality regulations that may be applicable to your facility and its operations. Most federal air quality rules have been adopted by reference into Kansas Administrative Regulations.

Air Quality Emissions Tools

Calculating facility-wide equipment or manufacturing process potential to emit (PTE) is the most important part of an air quality compliance program. This website contains tools (in Microsoft Excel format) designed to assist your facility in estimating its potential to emit (PTE) from various operations.

Open Burning

Open burning in Kansas is regulated by the KDHE Bureau of Air and permits are obtained from KDHE district offices and local agency air programs. Information regarding open burning requirements and restrictions is found on this website.