Sustainable Materials Management

Sustainable Materials Management or SMM is an EPA-sponsored program that offers a systematic approach to using and reusing materials more productively over their entire life-cycle. Both the WasteWise and Food Recovery Challenge programs have now been replaced with SMM.

News and Events

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Food Waste Prevention Playbook Food Waste Webinars

Calling Industry Partners: Trash the Trash!
We are encouraging industry partners to host a litter pickup event at their facilities. You can limit the event to your own property or expand it to an adjacent field or riverbank.

Food Waste Prevention Playbook
Learn how five southeast Kansas partners worked on projects that educated students and communities about food waste, food waste prevention and strategies to reduce organic waste in Kansas landfills.

Food Waste Webinars
Gain a deeper understanding of food waste, hear insights from panelists from Kansas schools and colleges, and learn about tools you can use to prevent and divert food waste from landfills.
K-12 Webinar
College Webinar

Resources for reducing food waste

PPI has developed several resources as a result of projects involving work with schools, colleges and industry.
Check out our downloadable resources, including case studies, tools and guidance, along with helpful national resources.

Environmental Impact of Food Waste Prevention Education

The Environmental Impact of food Waste Prevention Education Slide Show pdf.

Resources for train-the-trainer workshops

These USDA-sponsored 2018 workshops were hosted in various Kansas communities for food policy members, extension, and other community and health practitioners. An EPA toolkit called “Food too good to waste,” was the basis for these events. Please feel free to use any of these helpful resources.

Food: Too Good To Waste

Workshop Presentation
EPA Tool - Get Smart: take the challenge
EPA Tool - Smart Shopping: shop with meals in mind
EPA Tool - Smart Storage: fruit and vegetables storage guide
EPA Tool - Smart Prep: prep now, eat later
EPA Tool - Smart Saving: Eat First! sign
EPA Tool - Poster: What's up with all the wasted food?
EPA Tool - Presentation: Food: Too Good to Waste
Good Samaritan Act
Food Product Dating KSRE MF 3204
Storage tip sheet for residents from Vermont

Strategic Communication​

Workshop Presentation
Worksheet: Charting target audiences
Worksheet: Message wheel
Building Successful Alliances and Partnerships
9 key Considerations to Influence Behavior for Action
Healthy Food Financing Intiative Toolkit

Food recovery challenge is now Sustainable Material Management

The food recovery challenge or FRC was a voluntary program hosted by EPA through 2021 when it was rebranded with the EPA's Sustainable Material Management program.

Map of Food Diversion Facilities

This page was updated in late 2018 and may be helpful identifying facilities in various counties where excess and wholesome food can be donated. PPI recommends contacting the facility with details about the donation before delivering it.

Are you aware of facilities in your area of Kansas such as food pantries, animal feed operations, biodigesters, or composting facilities that accept food-related materials? Email or call 800-578-8898 to add such locations to the state map.


* Abbreviations:

AN   Anderson   DK   Dickinson       LV   Leavenworth       SN   Shawnee
CK Cherokee   DP   Doniphan   MG   Montgomery   WB Wabaunsee
CQ Chautauqua   JF Jefferson   PT Pottawatomie   WY Wyandotte

EPA Excess Food Opportunities Map

EPA Excess Food Opportunities Map

The U.S. EPA Excess Food Opportunities Map supports nationwide diversion of excess food from landfills. The interactive map identifies and displays facility-specific information about potential generators and recipients of excess food in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors and also provides estimates of excess food by generator type.

Visit the Excess Food Opportunities Map page to learn how to use the map, and access supporting resources, related tools and related programs.

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