Hazardous Waste Regulatory Compliance Assistance

The Pollution Prevention Institute, through the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program, or SBEAP, works primarily with hazardous waste regulations by providing free and confidential compliance assistance for Kansas small businesses that may need help understanding or identifying how the regulations apply to their facility. This service is administered through our hotline, email, on-site visits, training events and the various resources below. In addition to dealing with hazardous waste regulations, SBEAP also assists with air quality permits, storage tank regulations, and waste or stormwater permits. To request assistance, call 800-578-8898 or email sbeap@ksu.edu

Hazardous waste handlers training

This KDHE-approved online training will take most users about one hour to complete. Once logged onto the training, participants have 30 days to complete it. A "Certificate of Completion" will be sent via email when the training is successfully completed. Training must be documented, so the certificate can be printed or filed electronically with other hazardous waste management records. This online training should be complimented with facility-specific training and is not suitable for LQGs. The training offers the use of an immersive reader, so participants can choose to listen to the training while reading along. The cost of the training is $50 per participant. 

Who should take this training? 

With the exception of non-accumulating CESQGs, all generators are required to provide annual training with regard to their employees’ hazardous waste management duties. New employees must have training within six months of taking a position that requires handling or managing hazardous waste. It is important that you supplement any classroom training with on-site instruction. Training must be documented, and like other RCRA records, maintain record for three years or more. 

Hazardous waste compliance calendar

This calendar contains container inspection and training logs.  It features different compliance topics each month along with short tips and links to resources. Click the links below to download and print the current compliance calendar. Hard copies of these calendars are no longer available.

25 Hazardous Waste Calendar cover 2024 Hazardous Waste Calendar cover
2025 Hazardous Waste Compliance Calendar 2024 Hazardous Waste Compliance Calendar

Container management training video

Container management video Container management violations are some of the most frequently cited violations by Kansas inspectors. Watch this short video to learn how you can ensure the containers at your facility are managed in compliance with the requirement. You can also download the KDHE technical guidance document on container management

Hazardous waste determinations video

Container management video In this video, PPI's Nancy Larson walks you through hazardous waste determinations, how to document them and what to do if a waste is unknown.

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