Underground Storage Tanks

A UST, as defined in the Kansas Storage Tank Act, is any regulated tank that contains petroleum or other regulated substances, in which 10 percent or more of the volume is below the surface of the ground. Learn more about USTs and related requirements.

General Resources


Kansas Environmental Information Management System, or KEIMS, is KDHE’s online system for managing compliance documents. This system helps to centralize compliance paperwork and allows multiple parties to connect to a site, including owners, operators, contractors, regulators, etc. Some forms must be submitted through KEIMS, including storage tank permit renewals. SBEAP has created resources to help you navigate KEIMS and fulfill certain functions.

UST Compliance Calendar

2024-2025 UST Calendar cover

The UST compliance calendar is designed for UST owners and operators and presents information on a number of UST topics.   The calendar also provides reminders about KDHE UST regulatory deadlines as well as a copy of the monthly and yearly walkthrough inspection checklists. 

Download and print the 2024-25 UST compliance calendar. 
You may also contact KDHE at 785-296-1678 for a hard copy, if still available.

Kansas UST Manual for Owners and Operators

This manual, intended for owners and operators of USTs, covers topics from equipment and testing requirements to training, responding to a release, and financial responsibility. Download the Kansas Underground Storage Tank Manual for Owners and Operators.

Guidance Document for New Owners of USTs

This document is intended for new owners of USTs, whether they have installed a new system or purchased an existing one. Its purpose is to help new owners navigate the regulations and understand which requirements apply to their system. Download the Guidance Document for New Owners of Underground Storage Tank Systems.

Guidance Document for Standby Generator UST Systems

A standby generator UST system, also called an emergency power generator UST system, is a UST system that stores fuel solely for use by standby power generators. These UST systems contain unique features that are uncharacteristic of UST systems installed at conventional UST sites such as gas stations and convenience stores. Download the Guidance Document for Standby Generator UST Systems

How to Clean a Spill Bucket Videos

Walkthrough Checklist Resources

Inventory control

Clean-up and Trust Funds

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment provides oversight in remediation-related activities, including site investigations and property redevelopment trust funds through the UST Property Redevelopment Trust Fund (Single Wall to Double Wall UST System and Removal of Abandoned USTs) and the Kansas Petroleum Storage Tank Release Trust Fund. EPA provides funding through the Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust, or LUST, Fund to reduce or mitigate spills and releases from storage tanks. Owners and operators of underground storage tanks, or USTs, and aboveground storage tanks, or ASTs, must ensure compliance at all times to protect against releases and spills.

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