Air Quality Training Resources

The purpose of training resources is to provide an introduction to KDHE’s air permitting and compliance programs, and help you understand how to prepare for an inspection and how to use required reporting systems and maintain compliance.

Air Quality 101

New updated videos are here! Click the link above to access videos and PowerPoint presentations. Some videos are recent and others are recordings from a live training held Feb. 16, 2017. Speakers include permitting and compliance staff from KDHE BOA and K-State SBEAP.

Air Emission Inventory Report Training – State and Local Emission Inventory (SLEIS)

If you have a Class I or Class II operating permit in Kansas, you are required to submit an annual inventory to KDHE BOA. Click the link above to access a webinar hosted by K-State SBEAP on Feb. 20, 2020, that discusses and demonstrates the SLEIS emission-inventory reporting system.

2015 Kansas Air Quality Videos

These videos discuss air permitting, and tips for understanding your air permit and air inspections.

Air Permit Overview

Air Permit KDHE Site Inspection

Air Permit Tips