Water Quality

Dental Amalgam

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) dental amalgam rule requires most dentists to install an amalgam separator to prevent mercury in dental amalgam from entering the air, water and land. Dental offices are required to submit a one-time compliance report (OTCR) to their control authority. SBEAP assists KDHE by collecting OTCRs from dental facilities that are not in cities with their own pretreatment program and provides technical assistance to dental dischargers via the environmental hotline. Learn more about dental amalgam

Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)

Harmful algal blooms or HABs refers to a dense growth of algae that has the potential for creating toxins or other nuisance compounds in marine and freshwater waters, rivers, lakes, and ponds. In partnership with KDHE, SBEAP provides a tool kit for citizen managers of Home Owners Association, or HOA, ponds and similar sized waterbodies with materials that address the primary public health concerns related to harmful algal blooms (HABs).  SBEAP provides expertise and technical assistance services for owners and managers of private, non-agricultural ponds and lakes such as those belonging to HOAs, private golf courses and corporate campuses, and private suburban/exurban homeowners. Learn more about HABs


SBEAP provides technical assistance regarding general NPDES permit requirements for the discharge of stormwater and process wastewater from ready-mix concrete plants and associated facilities. SBEAP provides guidance on basic steps to confirm applicability and compliance with the KDHE industrial stormwater program and regulations. SBEAP also works with numerous small manufacturing facilities both on site and via the environmental hotline. Learn more about NPDES

Green Infrastructure

PPI has a collection of green infrastructure resources for a variety of applications, from city stormwater management to green infrastructure projects in multiple settings. This includes resources to help plan and fund new projects and case studies covering a variety of projects in multiple settings across Kansas.