Boiler NESHAP and Other Air Quality Rules

Boiler NESHAP navigation tool

By answering a series of simple successive questions, owners and operators of boilers or process heaters can navigate through the complex boiler NESHAP rules, determine what requirements are applicable, and obtain regulatory information associated with their specific boiler or heater under the NESHAP standards.

6J Boiler NESHAP (for area sources)

6J resources 6J tools and forms
General information

Tune-ups and energy assessments

  • EPA Tune-up information [PDF]
  • EPA Boiler tune-up guide;[PDF]
  • Summary of energy assessment requirements under 6J boiler rule;[PDF]
Initial notification
  • 6J initial notification form [PDF]
  • 6J supplemental information for initial notification form;[PDF]

Notification of compliance status (NOCS)


6J presentations and videos

EPA videos to help with understanding the area source boiler requirements
Energy assessment:
Reporting & recordkeeping:
March 28, 2013 SBEAP Archived Webinar: Environmental regulations (not safety) for boilers
Presentation also available asPDF download.

5D Boiler MACT(for major sources)

Boiler NSPS Dc

  • Fact sheet: Potential Air Regulations for Boilers (New Source Performance Standard Subpart Dc) [PDF]
  • Boilers between 10 and 100 MMBtu/hr heat input capacity and installed after June 9, 1989 are subject to this regulation. 

Kansas boilers and general boiler information

​June 22, 2016 SBEAP Archived Webinar: Reducing boiler energy use and emissions

Reducing boiler energy use and emissions from PPI/SBEAP on Vimeo.