Green Infrastructure Case Studies


Kansas Municipal Utilities training Center (2018)
When the new Kansas Municipal Utilities Training Center was constructed, a 5,000-square-foot rain garden was created to manage runoff from the building and parking lot.

University of Kansas Health Education Building (2018)
The new Health Education Building was designed with several sustainability features, including a vegetated roof on a large learning studio.

Kansas State University green roofs
K-State now has three sustainable green roofs on campus. More information is available on K-State's Green Roofs page.

Kiowa County High School
Constructed after Greensburg was devastated by a tornado in 2007, Kiowa County High School features several green infrastructure projects, including rain gardens, bioswales, and cisterns for rainwater capture and irrigation.

Lenexa City Center (Nov. 2011)
The project implemented green infrastructure/nonpoint source pollution control practices, including a constructed wetland with extended detention, stormwater reuse, and native landscaping.

City of Shawnee Justice Center (Nov. 2011)
The project implemented green infrastructure/nonpoint source pollution control practices within the Justice Center campus, including rain gardens, bioswales, vegetated swales, dry and wet extended detention basins, bioretention, basins, and native vegetation areas.

Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, KS (Nov. 2010)
The goal was to treat stormwater runoff from approximately 11.5 acres of impervious areas with a series of best management practices, including a constructed wetland.

City of Salina, KS: 5 Corners Beautification
A formerly flat and weed-covered lot was transformed into an area landscaped with low maintenance native plants, grasses, and trees.

WATER Center, Wichita KS
This project includes permeable pavement and rain gardens at different scales.

City of Rossville: Rossville Rain Garden
In 2008, Rossville's Healthy Ecosystems-Healthy Communities (HEHC) project team and community volunteers decided to build a rain garden to treat the runoff from a new parking lot in their city park.

Johnson County Extension office
One of a few LEED certified buildings in Olathe, this project shows examples of rainwater capture.

University of Kansas: Bioswale
This project was implemented to capture storm water runoff from the growing west campus buildings. For additional information, see West Campus Bioswale poster.

University of Kansas: Sustainable Parking lot
This project includes permeable pavement pavement and a rain garden.

Clay County Stormwater Quality Project
This project addressed water quality improvement by promoting buffer strips in farm fields and rain gardens for residential settings.

Lenexa Green Infrastructure Map
Lenexa maintains a green infrastructure map that offers an interactive tour of its green infrastructure such as rain gardens, bioretention cells and green roofs.

City of Lenexa: Fire Station #5 green roof
This project was installed in late 2009/early 2010 and is part of a LEED building.

EPA Green Infrastructure Case Studies
August 2010 Municipal Policies for Managing Stormwater with Green Infrastructure.

Kansas Water Streambank Stabilization Projects
Visit this website to learn about the efforts Kansas is making restore our streams.

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