Host Company Application

Company Information
Project Description

1. Describe the pollution prevention needs or projects you would like to have a P2 intern research at your company. List at least three potential projects. (Contact 800.578.8898 if you have questions.)

Example projects:

  • Hazardous and toxic material substitution or reduction
  • Water or energy conservation or improved efficiency
  • Process improvement and efficiency

2. Clearly describe the desired results of the project and list expected project outcomes. If this is a subproject of a larger project, please discuss its relationship to the larger project.

Example results and outcomes:

  • Potential economic benefit
  • Risk reduction potential
  • Pollution/waste reduction potential

3. Please describe the intern's expected roleresponsibilities, and activities.

4. The company supervisor's role is critical to the success of the project. Best results are achieved when on-site environmental staff provide oversight and guidance to the intern. Please provide the name and contact information of the individual within the company that will be assigned to supervise the intern. Describe his or her role and responsibilities as they relate to the project.

Contingency Plans

Describe alternative strategies or supplemental projects for the intern to pursue if the main projects are completed before the internship ends or are delayed by unforeseen events. This is an opportunity to describe projects that may not be as high-priority but you would still be interested in having the intern work on.

The same guidelines outlined in the tutorial "Project Description, Pt. 1" apply to the Contingency Plan.

Administrative Details

Please indicate the preferred major(s) for the intern.

Can you assist the P2 intern in locating short-term housing opportunities?

As a host company, you will provide payment to PPI for the intern in the amount of $20/hour plus non-enrolled student employee fringe, or as agreed on with PPI. Some host companies may choose to hire and pay the intern directly.
Do you agree to this financial obligation?

Upon successful completion of the project, short case studies will be developed for your company's project and posted to the PPI website. Confidential information is not disclosed; however, case study development is mandatory to our project.
Through which of the following means would your company be willing to share project outcomes with other Kansas businesses?
(Check all that apply.)

Project outcome means
Departmental newsletter
Facility tours for related businesses
Articles in association newsletter
Presentations to association meetings, workshops, or conferences

K-State Pollution Prevention Institute (PPI)

The Host Company Agreement can be downloaded for your review. After your application, PPI will contact you and provide the filled out agreement for your final revision and signature.

The Host Company Agreement requires two signatures: one signature is the supervisor who will be responsible for the day to day supervision of the intern, and the other signature should be the responsible official for the company who is authorized to approve the internship.  Electronic signatures cannot be accepted on this document. 

Once signed, the Host Company Agreement can be scanned and emailed to the project contacts, or mailed to Kansas State University, Pollution Prevention Institute, 2323 Anderson Avenue, Manhattan, Kansas 66502, Attention: PPI Intern Program.

Please email Cris Kauer Brazil with any questions about the application.