Air Quality 101

New, updated videos are coming in 2021! These videos and power points are from a live training held on Feb. 16, 2017. Speakers include permitting and compliance staff from KDHE BOA and K-State SBEAP.

Welcome and Opening Remarks (click here for the video)

Nancy Larson, KSU SBEAP

Javier Ahumada, KDHE BOA

Introduction to Air Quality Regulations –Why are we here? (SBEAP) (click here for the video)

  • NSPS
  • Kansas Administrative Regulations

Panel Discussion w/ slides:

Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) & KDHE Bureau of Air (BOA)

So you want to build/expand your facility/process? (SBEAP) (video)

  • Potential to Emit (PTE) calculations

Construction Permitting (KDHE) (video)

  • Permits, approvals, responses…oh my!
  • Complete applications please
  • Parts of a construction document

So you have a construction permit, now what? (video)

Panel Discussion w/ slides:


Beyond the construction permit (KDHE) (video)

Enforcement (video)

Closing Remarks and Adjourn

Nancy Larson, KSU SBEAP

Javier Ahumada, KDHE BOA